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If you think cats can’t love you as much as a dog then you’ve obviously never had one come lay beside you and purr while you’re in the middle of a crying fit

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There was a little ǥɨɍł, who had a little curl

              Right in the мι∂∂ℓє of her forehead

And when she was good, she was very, very ɢᴏᴏᴅ

              But when she was bad, she was 


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text tricks; click the <html> button in the corner


     <small> makes things smaller. the more <small> you use, the smaller it gets.

     <big> same applies with big

     <sup> makes things go up up up up

     <sub> makes things go down down down down 

     <u> makes underlines (only seen on blog pages)

     go here for spacy  wacey  words

     z̗̟̻̫̼͓͂ã̤̬͓̼͓̔̐̇͑ͩ̀l̯̜̰͐̒ͪg̺͎͈̍o͍̫̬̤ͭ ͍ͩͤ̈́a͇̘͙̼̠̪̣ͨ̾̍̿k̼ͣa̯̮͇̟ͫ̑ͤͭ̔̊ͣͅ ͌͆s̮̫̼͖̫̖̐̆ͦc̎ͪÃ͔̬̘̫̣̮̮̂̉͗R̈́Ẏ̖͕͚̱̩̠ ̫̝͎̞͖̄T͔̎͊̍ͪ̔E̲̞̽ͨ̿̑X͓̜̩̖̜ͦ͊T̹̥̰̊̎͂ found here

     here and here for ƒαηcу/սռﻨƈօժε †εχ† (☞ here for unicode symbols ☜)

     upside down text? oɯəlqoɹd ou

of course, those are the basics. <code> makes things monospaced and <pre> puts your text in a grey box.



     japanese emoticons? (◕△◕✿) 

     things that look like japanese emoticons but are cute lil gifs?

     anything else you need help with? a blog full of tutorials just for all the sweeties out there!!!!!

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"How could I know you fit my body like a glove? You’re destroying me. You’re good for me. You’re destroying me. You’re good for me.

I have time. Please, devour me."

Marguerite Duras, Hiroshima mon amour  (via ohdreaming)
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Imagine your OTP having a very active, eye-wateringly kinky sex life.

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"We loved with a love that was more than love."

—Edgar Allan Poe (via readsandwrites)
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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

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the dildo is hidden in the lamp in the last photo



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  • Abusers can do nice things for people they are not abusing.
  • Abusers can do nice things for people that they are abusing.
  • Abusers can otherwise seem like nice, caring, supportive people when they are not actively abusing someone.
  • It does not mean they’re not fucking abusers.
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Repo the Genetic Opera & The Devil’s Carnival sentences


• “I am only living out a lie.”
• “It’s a thankless job, but somebody gotta do it.”
• “It could change your life rest assured.”
• “Who’s there? Stay back.”
• “Let your life be a dream.”
• “I can’t have guests.”
• “(insert name) steals all the hearts.”
• “Technically you belong to (insert name)”
• “Didn’t you say that you’d protect me didn’t you?”
• “Let the monster rise.”
• “But he always has a way of finding you.”
• “An entire city built on top of the dead.”
• “I could smell the dead.”
• “I’d be lost if I were to lose you.”
• “Now I am sequestered, part of the collection.”
• “I’m lost without you here.”
• “I am the monster.”
• “I am the villain.”
• “I will find a hole and fuck it
• “Someone’s going to hang if I don’t get my coffee!”
• “Why relive that moment?”
• “Remember who you are.”
• “But you could learn from all my failures.”
• “Don’t look back, till you’re free to chase the morning.”
• “I’ve always longed for true affection.”
• “I must be brave, come, come what may.”
• “Bloodbath, it’s gonna be a bloodbath
• “All you’ve ever told me every word is a lie.”
• “But I didn’t know I love you so much.”
• “And the castle is left for the taking.”
• “And it’s my job to steal and rob.”
• “I’ve deceived the only one that matters.”
• “Liar! You said you trusted me.”
• “I…I trust you.”
• “A few pennies more.”
• “You’re map is utterly useless.”
• “Trust me, trust me darling dear.”
• “There’s no need to fear.”
• “Trust me, like I trust you.”
• “Missed me, missed me.”
• “Na na na-na na.”
• “My friend the rules are changing.”
• “Let me take all of you in.”
• “What is this place?”
• “Take only what you need?”
• “Open the fucking door!”
• “Need I remind you of the rules?”
• “Help me, help me, they’re coming for me.”
• “ Wanna help me out here? I’m locked in this stupid cage.”
• “C’mon, I’m not gonna bite.”
• “Let me lighten your load… “
• “Now let’s play a game.”
• “Shadow takes all, my pet”
• “The knife in my back, it reminds me of you.”
• “And in their name, let’s drink to true love.”
• “Remember that you were warned.”
• “ I am the excuse you give when you can not follow the rules.”
• “Come here for redemption.”
• “And tied me up with sheets.”
• “The curtains ran between my legs.”
• “As you’ll note, The Rules are clearly stated.”

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