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From a purely factual & scientific perspective

Psychpathy is a personality disorder. It doesn’t appear as a formal diagnosis in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) but it is referred to as antisocial personality disorder or dissocial personality disorder. Here are some of the characteristics. 

  • superficial charm
  • grandiose sense of self-worth
  • pathological lying
  • cunning/manipulative
  • lack of remorse
  • emotional shallowness,
  • lack of empathy



Sociopaths and psychopaths have many characteristics in common but one key difference is that sociopaths may form emotional bonds between people, while psychopaths are unable to. It’s is believed that psychopathy is the result of genetics and faulty wiring in the brain while for sociopaths it is a result of a traumatic childhood and their environment. 


Research from Georgetown University hints that the brain of a psychopath has a smaller and thinner amygdala, the part of the brain that recognizes fear. This may explain why they aren’t afraid and can’t exhibit fear. 

Research from Vanderbilt University has shown psychopaths tend to generate a lot more dopamine. In addition Dr. Kent Kiehl  of the University of New Mexico believes in may be a disorder in the paralimbic system of the brain, a system known to be involved in emotion, inhibition and emotional control.

There isn’t much research funding behind this. 



While yes, many psychopaths have killed, murdered and raped, it’s definitly possible for someone with this disorder to lead a completely normal life and even be successful.

Take neuroscientist James Fallon, for example who discovered he had a similar brains scan to that of a psychopath and after going through a series of genetic tests, it was confirmed.

James never hurt anyone, he does admit he can be a little bit of a jerk sometimes such as not letting his grandchildren win at games, but he is far from dangerous. 

He believes it’s because of his environment, he has a loving home. His parents loved, protected and gave him a lot of attention.



Here’s a post that will lead you to a link of where you fit on the psychopath spectrum 

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The Mechanical Girl BY Voltaire
Riding A Black Unicorn...
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The Mechanical Girl

If anyone looked in the music room, they’d probably see one of the most adorable sights.

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 drabble;  scythe;  dolly;  
"Your blue eyes fucked me up."

—A 6 word story (heyyitsskenna)
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even monsters have something they want to protect.
                     and they’d kill to keep them safe.

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